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Headaches & Migraines

Let us help you take charge of your life again

Headaches & migraines can affect your concentration and hinder your daily activities and work. 


Don't suffer unnecessarily and hope the problem will resolve itself, consult one of our experienced Osteopaths today for pain relief.


If you experience:

  • Neck pain & stiffness

  • Pain at the base of your head or a “band" of pain across your forehead

  • Pain or pressure behind the eyes

  • Sensitivity of the scalp, neck or shoulders

  • Worse with stress or working at the desk

You may be suffering with tension headaches which are commonly caused by stress, anxiety or poor posture (e.g. desk based working). Osteopathy can help by treating the muscles and joints around the neck and shoulder to relax the tension and provide relief. We will also advise on how to improve your posture and desk ergonomics.


Like tension headaches, migraines can be debilitating and prevent you from doing your normal activities. Instead of relying on pain killers for migraines, Osteopathy provides a natural approach to migraine prevention by addressing the postural factors that may be contributing to migraines and providing lifestyle and dietary advice to keep the problem at bay.


At Fern Clinic we believe in identifying the root cause of the problem for the best treatment outcome. By taking time to listen to you and conducting a thorough examination, we will identify and explain to you the specific cause of the problem. We will create a tailored treatment plan to you as an individual, taking into account your lifestyle, occupation, hobbies and medical history.

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