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How Osteopaths Help with Back Pain?

Getting relief can be easier than you think

Back pain is becoming a common problem that can significantly hinder your daily activities and disrupt sleep. ​Especially since most of us are working from home now, sitting more in uncomfortable chairs/sofas and and exercising less. This can be coupled with neck and shoulder pain or headaches, particularly if one is using a computer. However, back pain has many causes and it is important to identify which to get the right kind of help.

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We Specialise in Treating

  • Upper or lower back pain

  • Sciatica (find out more)

  • "Slipped Discs" (disc herniation, herniated discs, disc bulges)

  • A "trapped nerve"

  • Back muscle strains / spasms

  • Joint injuries of the back

  • Pain from Spondylosis or Arthritis of the back joints

What Can I Do About Back Pain?

What to do depends on what the cause is and that is why it is important to seek professional help. Some general advice includes:

  • Do not continue exercise or lift anything heavy as this may make things worse

  • Avoid prolonged sitting and get up for regular breaks if you do have to sit prolonged

  • Adjust your desk ergonomics, there are plenty of resources online to do so

  • Consult a specialist, such as an Osteopath, to diagnose the problem and make sure you get the right treatment and advice.

How Can An Osteopath Help?

At Fern Clinic Osteopaths we will:

  • Conduct a thorough medical case history to find out exactly how you got the problem

  • Perform a physical examination which involves postural analysis and orthopaedic testing to diagnose the condition and explain it to you without the medical jargon

  • Create a bespoke treatment plan to meet your individual needs

  • Provide hands-on treatment to reduce the pain and get you moving again which may include deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations and joint manipulations

  • Provide expert advice on lifestyle changes, ergonomics and stretches/exercises to get you on the road to recovery.


Don’t suffer unnecessarily, consult one of our experienced Osteopaths today who will take the time to listen to you, identify the root cause and provide pain relief.

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